Turn your pain into a crown and shut them up... THEN GET LOUDER!!!


So, ummm….. Enjoy! 🤷🏿‍♂️

Introducing Majestic Muzik… Born and raised in Kemp Road, Nassau Bahamas to his Haitian parents Rev. Stephen and Marie Belizaire, Majestic Muzik was always taught that there was two things in life that he should never be ashamed of. First and foremost, his faith in Jesus Christ and secondly, his Haitian heritage. After the, then devastating loss of his father, Majestic Muzik went on a journey of discovery which eventually lead him to a deeper place in his faith and freedom through his creativity. Enriched with a complex mix of musical, and cultural, influences as well as his life experiences, Majestic Muzik has gravitated towards the sounds of Compa, Dance Hall, and reggae, in addition to other more commercial genres and styles. This has all helped to shape the sound that is Majestic Muzik.

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